10 Browser You Should Try on Linux

Like on Windows, there are some good browser you can try or use as default browser on Linux machine. Fortunately the big player for browser (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera) also available in Linux operating system. Besides that there are several good browsers for Linux machine you should try.

Below 10 browser you should try on your Linux Machine

1. Dillo Web Browser

Dillo Web Browser
Credit: dillo.org

Dillo offers speed, fast loading programm and simple web browser for multi platform include Linux.

2. Epiphany (Web)

Epiphany (Web)
Credit: wikimedia.org

Epiphany (Web) is the web browser for GNOME based on WebKit with simple and clean interface and easy to use the function.

3. Firefox


Firefox is popular web browser right now that is also available on Linux. You can add add-ons or theme like Firefox on Windows operating system.

4. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is web browser from Google that has simple interface, fast loading program and website. Google Chrome now is available on Linux. It’s beta version, but you can use and try this to browse your favourite website on Linux machine.

5. Konqueror

Credit: konqueror.org

Konqueror is the KHTML rendering engine which supports the latest web standards such as HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, and others. Konqueror can also use Webkit for compatibility with some sites. This software support modern web browser tools such as tab, split, spell checker, password manager, etc

6. Midori Web Browser

Midori Web Browser
Credit: midori-browser.org

Midori is lightweight and fast open source web browser that is using webkit rendering engine. Midori built-in with adblocker, privacy tools, script disabling, third-party cookie blocking, stripping referrer details and automatic history clearing after a set amount of time.

7. Netsurf Web Browser

Netsurf Browser
Credit: netsurf-browser.org

Netsurf Web Browser is simple and lightweight web browser for Linux and another platform like RISC OS. It equip with standard feature like another browser has. The main advantage according to the official website is about the speed, fast loading, and portable application.

8. Opera


Opera the first browser that is support tab and now is available on Linux operating system. Opera offer Opera Link which offer synchronization with Opera that you install on another machine.

9. SeaMonkey

Credit: seamonkey-project.org

SeaMonkey is all-in-one internet application suite (Internet browser, email & newsgroup client with an included web feed reader, HTML editor, IRC chat and web development tools). This software which is developed by Mozilla is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

10. SlimBoat Web Browser

SlimBoat Web Browser
Credit: slimboat.com

SlimBoat is web browser that is use webkit as the engine and support modern web browser feature. SlimBoat integrate with facebook to share your online activities among your friends on facebook, support download YouTube video, web page translation, and another great feature.

What browser do you use on your Linux machine? Please share with us using this comment form below.

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