10 Sites to Download J2ME App or Games for Feature Mobile Phone

Today smartphone which has operating system like Android, Blackberry, iOS, or Windows Phone has more popular then feature phone which only support J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition). And many apps or games publisher only release their product for smartphone and forgetting about feature phone which has many people in this world are still using it as main cellular phone.

If you have feature and you want to add some apps or games on your mobile phone then here are some sites that provide Java apps or games for your feature phone. You can also open the web from your phone and download directly into your phone. It’s more simple then transfer from PC to mobile phone. If you are lucky then you can find good apps or games that can make your mobile phone more productive like smartphone.

10 Sites to Download J2ME App or Games for Feature Mobile Phone

Below 10 Sites that Provide Java Apps and Games for Mobile Phone

1. 9apps

9apps provide Java Mobile apps and games that you can check on tab Top, New, Popular and Must Have apps or games. You just need to select apps or games then click download and it will download into your mobile phone. Almost all the apps and games optimized for touch screen mobile phone but if you lucky the apps or games will run well on non touch screen mobile phone.

2. Boostapps

Boostapps offers Java Midlet games or apps for basic phone with or without touch screen. For faster access you can open this web from your mobile phone browser then enter the code to download app or game. The code can be found on each app or game description. You can also request any apps or games from Boostapps.

3. DownloadWap

DownloadWap has wap design or minimal design that suitable to open with built in browser on feature phone. The minimal design make your browser will not consume more bandwidth to open the site. DownloadWAP also claim that all apps or games in this site are free. Explore your mobile browser and you will get some good apps or games for you mobile phone.

4. GetJar

GetJar is famous Java Mobile Apps and Games before Android going to popular and many people use it. Although GetJar now provide android apps and games but you can still find some Java Mobile apps or games from this site. The good thing from the site is you must set what device that you use before download the apps when you open from PC. This method will help you to decide right apps or games from your phone. But GetJar will automatically recognize your phone model if you open from mobile phone using built in browser. If you think the phone model is wrong then you can change it with the right model or at least model like your mobile phone.

5. Java Mobiles

Java Mobiles is place to download apps, games, or themes for feature phone or phone with Java mobile technology. You can set your device first before download the apps. But Java Mobiles only support for big mobile brand. If your brand doesn’t exist then just select model that is like your mobile phone. Each apps or games have small description and screenshot that will help you before you decide to download it.

6. Mob.org

Mob.org is only provide games. Mob.org will ask you to set your device model in order you will get apps type for your mobile. If your phone doesn’t exist on the list then you can set by screen size of your mobile phone. There are some good apps or games on Mob.org which you can get by free. You can sort apps or games by newest, popularity, and its rating. This method will help you to know what is the most popular apps or games.

7. MobGames.ws

MobGames.ws only provide mobile games for feature phone that support Java technology. There are “New Games” and “Top 100” which will help you to find new games or popular games for your mobile phone. Each games will give download on any available screen. Or if you want to find suitable games for your screen size faster then you just need jump to “Screens” menu on the bottom of this site.

8. Mobile 9 – Java Software

Mobile 9 offers apps and games for mobile based on your phone model with operating system and without operating system (use J2ME technology). Each time you try to download from PC, Mobile 9 will ask you if the file will download on PC or send to your phone. Choose the last choice if you want the file download directly to your mobile phone. You can also find apps or games based your phone model that you can set in this website.

9. Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store is store for mobile apps and games for smartphone with popular Operating System and also Java Phone. There are some good apps or games for your mobile phone. Please note that you will download jad file directly if the apps or games is free but if that is paid then you will bring to the publisher site. Unfortunately some paid apps or games has not supported by the publisher anymore. But there are some good and free apps or games to maximize your mobile phone.

10. Phoneky

Phoneky is old website that provide apps and games for mobile phone with Java Mobile technology. Before download the apps or games, you should set your phone screen resolution so you will get apps or games that is suitable with your mobile phone. The interface of Phoneky is optimized for wap so you don’t need to worry about your bandwidth when access this web. Phoneky also provide apps and games for touch screen mobile phones.

I believe there are many sites that provide J2ME apps or games for basic / feature phone. If you know some of them then please share using comment form below.


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