10 Website to Convert Youtube Video to Audio Format

There are some websites offer service to convert and download YouTube to video format. Sometimes people don’t want to get video from YouTube but only audio format like mp3, acc, etc. If you’re in this situation then there are some website focus on converting YouTube video to audio format like mp3.

Here 10 Websites offer free service to convert Youtube video to audio format

YouTube to Mp3 Converter

1. Anything 2 mp3

Convert audio from SoundCloud or video from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc to mp3 format and download to your PC. This service also offers extension for Chrome web browser so you just click on your Chrome to convert video to mp3 immediately.

2. Convert Me Mp3

You can choose audio quality (Low, Medium, High quality) before convert YouTube video. Convert Me Mp3 only support for YouTube source.

3. Clip Converter

The good thing about Clip Converter is you can choose audio format (mp3, mp4, aac) and configure volume, audio channel, and audio bitrate. You can also decide begin and end time the video that you want to convert.

4. HD Transform

HD Transform offers converting YouTube video to some popular audio format (mp3, aac, m4a, wma, ogg) with option to choose audio quality bitrate. Using advance configuration, you can increase or decrease volume, choose audio channel, trim file, and add ID3 v2 Tags.

5. FLV 2 Mp3

FLV 2 Mp3 offers simple convert and download YouTube to mp3 without any configuration. You can also share the download page to social media like facebook or twitter. You will also see barcode on download page.

6. Listen to YouTube

Mp3 Grabber can convert to mp3 from any video hosting and download to PC. If you don’t know what do you want to convert then you can also search for video in this website and download the video in mp3 format.

7. Listen to YouTube

Listen to YouTube offers convert and download YouTube video into mp3 format. There is no choice to configure the audio (mp3) file.

8. Video 2 MP3

Video 2 MP3 claim that they can convert any source flv file into high quality mp3 format (256 kbps). The convert speed is also fast with zero loss to audio-quality.

9. Video to MP3

Video to MP3 can convert from common video hosting (YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc) to mp3 format.

10. YouTube MP3

YouTube MP3 has simple design and function to convert YouTube to mp3 format. There is no option to choose audio format or set bitrate. You just need to enter YouTube url, click convert button and you can download the file.

If you know another website offer free service to convert YouTube video to audio format then please share with us on the comment box below.


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