5 Free Bible Application for Java Phones

Bible or Holy Bible is the holy text of the Christian religion, containing two main books, the Old Testament and New Testament. If you have cellular phone that supports Java MIDP technology, you can add Bible on it. It very helpful although it will not change bible book positions or make people don’t use bible book anymore. Using bible on cellular phone give you more advantage then using bible book. You can go to scripture or search some words on bible faster then using bible book.

Below some bible applications you can add on your cellular phone that support Java MIDP technology. The installation is simple, just put application on you phone memory or memory card and click the file for installation. Some phone maybe can’t install this application, make sure that your phones support by the bible application below.

1. Bible4phones

Bible4phones offer King James Version (KJV) and another version that is using English language.

2. Go Bible

Go Bible has some features like Christ’s Words in red, bookmarks, history, coloured theme and search words. You can also send scriptures to your friend using SMS. It available in some language and version.

3. Phoeny Bible

It’s customize bible application, which means you can customize the bible before use it on your cellular phones. Unfortunately the official sites has been gone but you can still download from download Java MIDP application site like getjar.

4. Sabda – Go Bible

The bible application is based Go Bible application. Sabda – Go Bible offer many language version in Indonesia country and many version in English.

5. You Version

You Version offers 41 different translations in 22 languages (including Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and more), search word, jump scripture and reading plan for 1 year.

If you know another free Holy Bible application please share with us


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