5 Free Operating System that Can be Run from USB Stick

Some operating system (especially from Linux) offer ability to run the operating system from USB stick or memory card. This kind of method is called USB Operating system or portable operating system. USB Operating system is a system that allows you install software packages back onto USB device and fully operates from there. The operating system setting will be located on the USB stick without having to fuss about the default OS installed in that system. Users are safe to play with the operating system without worry about the default operating system that is installed on the PC.

If you have favorite or familiar with one operating system (for example Linux) and sometimes you work on different computer then you should USB Operating System. You can take your operating system, applications, files, email, bookmarked favorites, games and more in your USB stick or memory card and play on any computer device. All you have to do is connect the USB memory device holding the OS and you are ready to go.

Below 5 free operating system that can be run from USB Stick. All of them is based on Linux operating system.

1. Damn Small Linux

Damn Small Linux

Damn Small Linux is a small Linux operation system that can be run from USB flash drive. Damn Small Linux size is about 50MB, it’s very small when compare with the other OS. It is not only small but come with fast operating system. It has a nearly complete desktop, and a tiny core of command line tools. All applications are chosen with the best balance of functionality, size and speed.

2. MooLux


MooLux is a portable Linux operating system based on Slackware that utilizes the KDE desktop environment. MooLux is contain a lot of useful tools for Internet browsing, email, chat, multimedia, office and software for C, Python, Perl programming tasks, and some simple games. MooLux needs at least 1 GB memory space on USB Stick or memory card.Moolux can also easily expand using packages from Slackware or other Slackware 3rd party sites.

3. PUD Linux

Puppy Linux

PUD Linux is a light and fast portable operating system based on Ubuntu Linux, but with small size (about 256 MB), and Chinese enhancements (both Simplified/Traditional). It has minimalist desktop with pre-configured and selected applications.

4. Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux is Linus Operating System that has fast on startup even in old PCs and it does not require antivirus software. Administering Puppy is quick and minimal. It’s easy to set up because Puppy Linux can be run from CD, DVD or USB flash drive. It’s also fast on loading, in less than a minute because Puppy Linux is small. Puppy has size about 100 MB, or about 256 MB with OpenOffice.

5. Slax


Slax USB is modern and portable Linux operating system with small size and fast on loading. It comes with modular approach and outstanding design. Slax offers a simple UI. Slax has been incorporated with some unbeatable modules as well as applications designed to make your work easier. Allthough the size is small but Slax has a wide collection of pre-installed software for daily use, including a well organized graphical user interface and useful recovery tools for system administrators.


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