5 Free Streaming Music Player for Windows 10 Mobile as Alternative to Groove Music

Groove is default music player for Windows 10 for PC and mobile. It replace Xbox music player which built in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. This music player also allows you to stream music or buy music from Microsoft Store with Groove Music Pass. Unfortunately Microsoft has announced plans to discontinue Groove Music Pass music streaming service, and music purchases in the Windows Store. It means user can’t stream or buy music using Groove Music Pass again. Microsoft plans to shut down the functionality to stream, purchase and download music in Groove Music after December 31, 2017. Groove Music itself won’t be shut down, but it can only be used to play local music once the switch has been made.

Microsoft also suggest Groove user to move to Spotify which is built for streaming music too. Users of Groove Music can move the content to Spotify until at least January 31, 2018. Groove Music Pass users get 60 days of Spotify Premium access provided that they are eligible.

If you want another app to stream music then below 5 Free Streaming Music Player for Windows 10 Mobile as Alternative to Groove Music

1. 8 Tracks Player

8 Tracks Player

8tracks Player is a music player app for 8Tracks.com that let you find music mix and play online using your internet connection. There are many music playlists that you can play by free from this app.

2. Deezer Music

Deezer Music

You can use Deezer Music to search music and play online. Put all your favorite songs, playlists, artists and albums in one place using My Music. It’s offer free and paid subcription. With paid or premium you can download all your favorite music and listen offline.

3. iHeartRadio


iHeartRadio is streaming radio app which offers many statiun radios from worldwide. All radio categoriez in Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, R&B, Alternative, Rock, Talk, News, Sports, and Comedy. You can also choose your favorite song or artist and iHeartRadio does all the work to create your station from our library of 20 million songs and 800,000 artists.

4. Pandora


Pandora gives you a personalized music experience that continually evolves with your tastes. You can create stations music from songs, artists, or genres. You can find music that matches your mood or activity too. It offers free version with limited function. Pay for this service and you will enjoy ad-free stations, unlimited skips, and unlimited replays.

5. Spotify


Spotify is recommended music streaming apps from Microsoft after they close Groove Music Pass. You can move your Groove Music Pass into Spotify account. Spotify allows you to listen to artists and albums, or create your own playlist of your favourite songs. You can make your music offline so you can still listen without internet connection. But you can only listen using Spotify app. You can discover music in genre category or moods category. It’s free but you can only stream music in low quality using free version. Paid version allow you to stream in high quality.

If you ever use another streaming music apps on your Windows 10 Mobile or have experience with one of the list above then please share with us.

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