5 Free Unlimited Online Storage to Save Your Photos

Saving your photos on online storage become popular choice to save / backup and also share your photos to your friends. Using this method you can access your photo from any PC or mobile device. You can take a picture from your mobile then save on photo online storage and view from your PC. You don’t need worry about virus or lost your drive. You can also save your photos by traditional method (uploading from web) or using their program that is installed on your PC or mobile.

Almost all kind of online storage offers free space more then 1 GB. For some users this is enough to save chosen picture to the web. But another users will need more space which means they should pays some dollar to get more space. Fortunately there are some service that offers free space bigger then 1 GB even unlimited storage. Yes you are right unlimited space to save your digital photos or pictures. It means you can save many photos as you like.

5 Free Unlimited Online Storage to Save Your Photos

Below 5 online storage service that offer unlimited space to save your photos.

1. Flickr

Actually Flickr is not giving unlimited storage but free 1 terabyte space to save your photos. For most users, 1 TB is very enough to save your pictures on online storage. You can save about or more then 50.000 images with high resolutions. It’s enough if you save only good photos.

Flickr is owned by Yahoo which means you can login using your Yahoo ID. You can also access your photos on Flickr from PC of using mobile application (Android, Iphone)

2. Google Photos

Google Photos is Google’s product that is replaced Picasa which offer online storage to save and manage your photos. Google Photos offers unlimited storage for photos and video if your photos resolution is not more then 16MP and video resolution is not more then 1080p. For some user this is enough to save good photos with 16 MP or video with 1080p. So this is unlimited space for ordinary user. But what if you want to save photos or videos more than the resolution above. Your space will count towards your Google Drive storage (about 15 GB)

Although this isn’t pure unlimited but it’s enough for common user to save photos or videos into Google Photos. Remember 16 MP photos or 4K videos are still having good quality.

3. Shutterfly

Shutterfly has nice and simple design on viewing your photo album. It will give you true unlimited storage to save your photos without any criteria and they will not delete your images on their server. You can also do simple editing on your photos that is saved on Shutterfly.

According to their web, if you sign up then you will get free storage and also 50 free prints, one free magnets, and one free set address of labels. This offers will expires 30 calendar days from the time of registration (11:59 P.M. PT)

4. Shoebox App

Shoebox App offers unlimited space to save your photos and access from PC, tablet, or smartphone. Photos are organized into a clean and intuitive layout. Shoebox will automatically sort photos into a timeline and by dates.It will pull up information about the type of camera used to take each photo, as well as the location and time of year it was taken in.

5. Zonerama

Zonerama is free online image gallery that give you unlimited storage to save your photos and videos. You can create many albums and set is as public or hidden which the normal visitors won’t be able to see on your profile. You can share your albums by email or by url, protect your album is posible too with Zonerama. Zonerama is not only photos online storage but it’s like social media too. You can discover public posts of other people on Zonerama, which you can like it and also allows to follow posts of other people on Zonerama.

Zonerama also offer Zoner software to edit your photos on Zonerama. This application is available for Windows and Android, on PC, Tablet, or mobile. So you can work with your photos with easily.

If you have experience about those services or know another web services that offer free unlimited online storage to save photos then share with us using comment below

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