5 Popular Web Browser in 2015

Web Browser is the main apps when you are on the net, it use to open website, check email, read rss and even chat with your friends or family. There are some good web browser for any operating system on PC / laptop, tablet or smartphone which using Android or Windows Phone as the operating system, and also Feature Phone which use Java. But only few of them have become popular.

PC World has posted article that compare five modern browsers, testing them in all manner of scenarios. You can check the result on that article. Please note that the browsers is testing for PC / laptop only. I think there will be another top browser for mobile version in each operating system.


Below 5 top browser for your Personal Computer or Laptop

The list is in alphabet order

1. Chrome Web Browser

Like Android, Google, and Gmail, Chrome Web Browser become popular since its launch at first time. Now it has more user then Firefox. This browser offers simple design and fast performance which another browsers don’t offer that. You can also personalize your Chrome web browser with theme or turn into powerful browser with extension. If you are Google freak then you should use this browser.

PC: Linux, Mac, Windows
Mobile: Android, IoS

2. Firefox

Firefox is the first and popular browser that support add-ons and theme to make your browser powerful and more personal. Now it has minimal design with fast loading like Chrome web browser. On newest version, now it built in with Firefox Hello which you can use to chat with another Firefox user and ability to save web page into GetPocket account.

PC: Linux, Mac, Windows
Mobile: Android, Firefox OS

3. Internet Explorer

The legend browser which come popular because it built in with Windows operating system. The fact when there were just few browser on the net, IE become fast on loading program and load web page. But then the browser stuck on IE 6 and there are many good browser which have many users. The last version (IE 11) has modern interface and support modern web technology too.

PC: Windows
Mobile: Windows Phone

4. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the newest browser from Microsoft which replace Internet Explorer on Windows 10. It will become popular since its built in with Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft Edge has modern interface, modern web technology, and also support Cortana. Sadly in this version, it doesn’t support extension or plugin like another popular browser. Beside that this new browser only support Windows 10 operating system.

PC: Windows 10
Mobile: Windows 10 Mobile

5. Opera

Although Opera is popular browser for mobile and older then Firefox and Chrome web browser but it never has many users like the two other rival. If you want to be different but you are still want good performance web browser then you can choose Opera web browser. It can be used to open website, read email, read rss just in one browser which can’t handle the rivals. It also support to sync bookmark, tab, history, and another browsing data with Opera account. So won’t miss your bookmark when install Opera on another device.

PC: Linux, Mac, Windows
Mobile: Android, IoS, Windows Phone and Basic Phone (Java)

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