5 PSP Emulators that You Can Try on Android

PSP games is popular games around the world which you can play using PSP (Sony PSP) consoles. But now you don’t need to buy PSP consoles to play this game, you can play on your Android device (smartphone or tablet) too. It can be happened if you are using PSP emulator on your Android. You just need to add PSP games and play from the emulator. Please note, we highly recommending at least attempting to purchase games before emulating them. Otherwise, it’s piracy.

All apps here are available on free and paid. Of course when you buy the app you will get more feature and also ads free. But if you don’t want to pay then you can still use free version with comfortable.

Below 5 PSP Emulator for your Android device so you can play PSP games format.

1. AwePSP


AwePSP has simple interface, download it, start the app, select a game that you downloaded, and then you play the game. It supports the basics such as save states, hardware controller support, and a range of file extensions for games. But AwePSP has some compatibility and performance problems based on which game you’re trying to play. Besides that this is a good free option for those testing the PSP games.

2. AwePSP

Emulator Pro for PSP

Emulator Pro for PSP also provides a short list of games that definitely work for the emulator. It will help you to test the games easier. The compatibility is hit-and-miss as is the performance of the games. That’s not unexpected. It doesn’t have a lot of additional features which makes it good for those who want something simple.

3. PPSSPP – PSP emulator

PPSSPP - PSP emulator

PPSSPP probably is the best of the PSP emulators on Android device. It was the easiest to use, had the best compatibility, and the best performance. You can dump your real PSP games on here as long as you convert to the right format and can play the games in HD. The free versions comes with ads. If you want to remove it and support the developer then you can but this app.

4. RetroArch


RetroArch can emulate a ton of different gaming systems uses the Libretro system. It essentially runs plugins that act as emulators. Thus, RetroArch can do anything from SNES to PSP as long as you have the required plugin. The emulator seems to work okay, but like most there are compatibility problems here and there. There is also a learning curve since the system is rather complex.

5. Sunshine Emulator for PSP

Sunshine Emulator for PSP

Sunshine Emulator for PSP works well on most smartphones and tablets and can run huge amount of PSP games. It support high quality game sound, nice games controller, easy network gaming, save and load game state and support high quality best game graphics.

If you have another good PSP emulator for Android device and have experience with the emulator above then please share with us using comment below.

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