5 Sites to Download YouTube Video on Mobile Phone

YouTube is one of popular video hosting that only allow you to watch videos online. There is no download option on YouTube so you can’t download the video and watch the video offline. There is some sites or application that will help you to download video on YouTube or any other video hosting. But how about download videos on cellular phone? It’s OK if your phone use operating system and there is application to download the video. But how if there is no program for your mobile phone? For example your phone is not smartphone but only feature phone

There are some mobile sites that offer option to download YouTube video directly to your mobile phone. You just need to open the site on your mobile browser, search video, start to download, and watch later. The videos is not only from YouTube but also any other video hosting like Metaface, etc

Below 5 sites to download Video online from YouTube, Metaface, or any video hosting on mobile phone

YouTube for Mobile

1. Tubidy

Search YouTube videos using Tubidy and watch or download it on 3gp and MP3 format. You can also add it into your playlist which you need to login first to create the playlist.

2. Tubezen

Tubezen offers download YouTube videos in 3gp, Mp4 & Flv for mobile phones, iTunes, Android, ipod touch and psp. You just need to search the video and download it into you mobiles phone.

3. YouTubeMob

YouTubeMob offers download YouTube videos on 3gp and mp4 format. Just search, then choose watch or download.

4. Videos3GP

Search videos from YouTube, Metacafe, and another videos hosting and download them in 3gp format (High or Regular quality)

5. Yaaya – Video

Search and download YouTube videos on 3gp or MP3 format from your mobile phone.

If you know another website that can be use to search and download YouTube videos from mobile phone, please share using this comment below.


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