5 Websites to Play Piano Online

Playing piano using Virtual Piano PC, tablet, or smartphone (of course) is diferrent with using the real one. But for some condition or just to have fun you can turn your PC, tablet, or smartphone into piano. You can using virtual piano software or application or using website that offers virtual piano. You need internet connection to take the last option.

In this article I focus on virtual piano from website. If your PC or laptop supports touchscreen then you can play in comfortable. If not then you can still use keyboard rather than using mouse. Some of website support using keyboard but you need to learn a little bit in order you can play smoothly. Please note that you need Adobe Flash to play the piano.

Below 5 Websites that allow you to play Piano on it

1. Flash Piano – Apronus

Flash Piano - Apronus

Simple virtual piano that is suitable for kids or beginner to play or just have a fun with piano. You can make the virtual piano interface larger or smaller then the default one.

2. Piano Plays

Piano Plays

Piano Plays offers virtual piano with medium interface that you can use by keyboard PC, mouse or touch screen if your PC or laptop support this feature.

3. Piano Player

Piano Player

Piano Player offers virtual piano in medium size which make you rather hard to play with it; but it still acceptable. You can adjust volume level, show or hide key number, and also using keyboard to play the piano but only for white piano keys.

4. The Virtual Piano


It’s not only virtual piano but there are also tutorial, chord, and you can also watch video songbook.

5. VirtualPiano


VirtualPiano provide virtual piano that you can use to play a song on PC or Laptop. The Piano interface is big and almost full screen of your browser that make you can play with easily. You can change piano style (color) if you don’t like the default one. It offers Music Sheets and also tutorial how to read music sheets and play Virtual Piano.

If you know another website that offers virtual then share using form comment below.

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