5KPlayer: All in one Video Player, Downloader, Radio and AirPlay

If you want to find media player on Windows to play video, music, download video and music into your library or stream internet radio then you can try 5KPlayer. The unique thing about this software is 5KPlayer come with built-in AirPlay™ tech (AirPlay receiver and AirPlayer sender).

It receives streams from iOS 10 iPhone 7, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch on Windows/Mac OS and vise versa. The player also configures AirPlay Mirroring to render instant replication of entire iPhone/iPad/Mac screen to Mac, and associates Mirroring with screen recording utility to record up to 4K 8K UHD videos.

5KPlayer Interface

When you open this app then it will show two tabs (5KPlayer and Library) On 5KPlayer you will see 5 icon menu which are: Video (to open video), DVD (to open video), Music (to open music file), Radio (to listen radio from streaming url radi), YouTube (to watch and download YouTube video), and of course AirPlay.

5KPlayer to Play Radio
5KPlayer to Play Video

The good feature from this apps, when you watch the video, you can rotate the video. It’s good if you have record video using your smartphone and watch on your PC. Sometimes the recording is need to rotate so you can view it. If your video or film support multi audio then you can choose which audio you want to hear.

5KPlayer to Convert Video

On Library tab you will see recent file that you have to play. You can also add files to exiting list or create new list and added some files into the list. Another good feature that you can do it from Library tab is converting to video into music or another video format.

If you want media player that supports video, music, streaming radio, can download video from famous video hosting and also supports come with built-in AirPlay™ then you should try 5KPlayer.

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