7 Free Browser for Android as Alternative to Chrome

Android has default web browser which is Chrome web browser. If you don’t like this browser then you can try another web browser. There are a good number of web browser available for Android and you can use by free.

Here list of 7 free web browser for Android smart phone or tablet as alternative to Chrome web browser. List is in alphabetical order.

Baidu Browser

1. Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser comes with speed dial, most visited website, download manager, night mode, and many more features. Baidu Browser also supports privacy protection which allow incognito mode on tab which doesn’t save your browsing history.

Dolphin Browser for Android

2. Dolphin Browser for Android

Dolphin is one of the oldest and popular browser for Android. Dolphin offers speed dial for favorite sites, search by voice, and draw a gesture to open website. Like Firefox, Dolphin also supports add-ons to lets you enhance the browser.

Firefox Browser for Android

3. Firefox Browser for Android

The official Mozilla Firefox browser for android which is fast, easy to use, & customizable, with the latest security and privacy features. It supports tabs, desktop or mobile view, and add-ons and extensions to help enhance your mobile browsing like dekstop version. For security it also supports private-browsing tab and do not track feature.


4. Maxthon

Maxthon is cloud web browser that is available for computer and smart phone or tablet and support many operating system. Maxthon has quick access feature to your favorite sites and a bunch of so-called ‘NewsBites’ which is RSS feed of news from a selection of publications. It supports ‘Fetch Mode’, which automatically loads the next page of a site in the background, so when you tap forward, you don’t have to wait for it to load.

Next Browser

5. Next Browser

Next Browser is lightweight browser which has usual familiar features, including incognito mode, speed dial, and extensions let you access a range of enhancements. Next Browser support offline reading and RSS reader.

Opera Mini

6. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is popular web browser since its release for Java (feature) phone and now available on some mobile operating system like android smart phone or tablet. Opera Mini will compress web pages so they load faster. Opera Mini has some great feature like speed dial, mobile/dekstop view, sync, and many more.

UC Browser

7. UC Browser

UC Browser is another popular web broswer for cellular phone. It comes with FB Faster Add-on, fast browsing, incognito browsing, cloud sync and another feature. This browser has smart downloading which allows you to multi-taks, download in background, and and cloud downloading with auto reconnection. You can also add add on to make your browser powerful.

If you know another good free web browser for Android as alternative to Chrome then please share with us on the comment box below.

All image browser taken from play.google.com

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