7 Free Web Based All in One Instant Messenger

Beside using application, chatting using instant messenger can be used from website. There are some web service that offers free instant messenger service from website. The service offers popular instant messenger and can be accessed from all operating system platform. It means if you can open browser then you can access your favorite instant messenger.

Below 7 Free Web-based Instant Messenger that support popular instant messenger and you can use by free in all operating system.

1. eBuddy

eBuddy is one of popular all in one instant messenger application for mobile. eBuddy also offer web based all in one instant messenger. You don’t need to have eBuddy ID in order to use this service. You can direct login to instant messenger that you want to use. If you have blog or website then you can add this service into your blog or website. eBuddy supports AIM, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, MySpace, and Yahoo!

2. ILoveIM

ILoveIM.com Web-based Instant Messenger service lets you stay connected with popular instant messenger. You don’t need to have ILoveIM to use this service. It supports AIM, Google Talk, MSN, MySpace, and Yahoo! on the web.

3. IM+

Beside offer all in one instant messenger application for mobile, IM+ also offer web based instant messenger. It support many instant messenger like AIM, Google Talk, Facebook, Skype, Yandex, etc

4. IMO (IM Online)

IMO (IM Online)
IMO has simple design and supports AIM, ICQ, Facebook, Google Talk, MSN, MySpace, Skype and Yahoo. You don’t need to register to use this service. But if you register you can access group chat, chat history, and voice IM

5. KoolIM

KoolIM.com is a web messenger application that allows you to stay connected with your favorite Instant Messenger almost anywhere. KoolIM.com provides friendly, light and very easy to use web-based interface with almost all core features from the original Instant Messenger. KoolIM also plan to support SMS and ringtone feature.

6. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is all in one instant messenger application for mobile. But the program is also available in web version. You need to register first before using this service. It supports popular instant messenger like Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo and Windows Live. All your friend list will display on one list (pop up)

7. Meebo

Meebo is famous instants messenger on the web. The interface looks like instant messenger application. It supports pop out buddy list, notifier utility, audio and video chatting. Meebo supports AIM, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, MySpace, MyYearBook, and Yahoo! Registering with Meebo will allow you to connect all instant messenger at once.

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