7 Lock Apps to Protect Lock Button on Windows 10 Mobile

Almost every touch screen mobile phones come with physical power button which also use as lock key with single click. This also on Windows Windows 10 Mobile phone device. You can lock your phone screen just by pressing the power button at once. But using this method continuously can damage the button. There is another solutions to save your power button which is by using Lock App. You just need to tap the app then your phone screen will lock. You can also use this app if your power button has already broken.

There are some good Lock Apps on Microsoft Store that you can try. The lists is in alphabetical order

1. #1 Lock Screen

#1 Lock Screen

#1 Lock Screen is not only lock the phone but allow you to customize the lock icon using available icon and color. After choose your icon, the clik pin to start icon to add the icon to the start screen. You just need to tap the icon to lock your phone.

2. 1 Tap Lockscreen

1 Tap Lockscreen

You can choose lock icon from after open the app and tap the icon to pin to start screen. Use that to lock your phone. From this app you can also control (turn on-off) Bluetooth, Airplane, Rotation Lock, Wifi, 3G and Location

3. Lock Mobile

Lock Mobile

Simple app to lock your mobile phone, just open the app and click “Start Using” and it will lock your mobile phone.

4. Perfect Lock

Perfect Lock

Perfect Lock is lock app for Windows 10 Mobile that allow you to change lock icon. You can choose from available style on the application. After that pin the lock style to the start screen and tap it to use, your phone will be locked.

5. Screen Lock

Screen Lock

If you want to design lock tile with some beautiful icon, color, and also sound when click it then you can install Screen Lock. After setup then click “Pin Screen Lock to Start Screen and begin to lock your phone by tapping the pinned Screen Lock on Start Screen.

6. Touch and Lock

Touch and Lock

If you want just need simple lock app then you should install Touch and Lock app on your Windows 10 Mobile device. There is no customization, no ads, or do not collect user information. Just install, touch or tap the app, and your mobile phone screen will be locked.

7. Touch Lock

Touch Lock

Simple lock apps but you need to pay if you want transparent lock icon on the start screen. If not then it’s enough to replace lock button.

If you have another favourite lock app for Windows 10 Mobile device or have experience with one of the apps above then please share using comment below.

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