7 Online Translator Service as Alternative to Google Translate

Google Translate has become popular Google products beside Gmail and Google Search. Many users use this online service to translate words, articles, and website from foreign language into their native language or language that they understand. Except Google Translate, there are some online service that also provide free online translation like Google Translate. If you are bored with Google Translate or want something new then here are some web online translation that you can try.

Please remember that although these advanced online translation can help you understand text, document or even web in foreign language but they cannot provide 100% accurate translations, nor can they replace human translators. This service only help you to understand from foreign language.

7 Online Translator Service as Alternative to Google Translate

Here are 7 web translator as alternative to Google Translate

The list is in alphabet order.

1. Babylon Translation

Babylon Translation is old player on translation service. It offers an ad-free online translation tool that draws on a database of over 1,600 dictionaries from major languages on earth. Babylon Translation only translate words or sentence without auto detect language and can’t automatic translate.

2. Bing Translator

Besides, search engine Bing also offers online translation to translate words, articles (maximum 5000 character), or website and support many language like Google Translate. The translator support auto detect language when you type the content and will automatic translate into your desire language. Some languages can speech the content that is useful if you want to know how to pronounce the words.

3. Frengly

Frengly has minimal or simple design which support many languages with auto detect language. Frengly can be used to translate words, sentences, or articles. It begin to translate after you choose language translation.

4. imTranslator

imTranslator translate content with another translation tools from PROMT, Babylon, Google Translate, and Bing Translate. But the nice think is you can compare the result between Google Translate and Bing Translate. It useful to know which can translate more accurate.

5. Linguee

Linguee is only translate words not documents or web pages with less languages is supported compare with Google Translate. When you submit words and press enter, Linguee will translate your words into desire language with speech to pronounce the words, meaning of the original and translation that are taken from wikipedia.

6. Reverso

Reverso supports major language which are English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese and only translate word or simple sentence with example usage in sentence. Reverso also support live translation which means you don’t need to click enter to translate. Just type the word and let Reservo translate into your desire language.

7. SDL Freetranslation.com

SDL Freetranslation.com can be used to translate words, sentence, articles, or documents into many language. It also support translate document in .doc(x), .ppt(x), .odt, .pdf & .txt format with maximum file size 5MB. SDL Freetranslation.com doesn’t support auto detect language or instant translation but you can email, print, or speak out loud the translated text.

Those are some good online translation service on the net. Besides those list, there are some online translation service on the net. Some of them use Bing Translator or limited word or character to few words or character.




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