8 Application to Turn Your Windows Phone to Bible Reader

The Bible can be read by mobile devices with reading document that contain Bible in doc, pdf, txt, or other document formats using document reader like Office or PDF Reader. Another way is by using a bible reader application that is now available for Windows Phone operating system.

Here 8 Application to Turn Your Windows Phone to Bible Reader. List is in alphabetical order.

1. Audio Bible

Audio Bible
This is not Bible Reader but read the Bible for user. Audio Bible comes with 14 versions including KJV, NIV, ESV, etc. in different languages.

2. Bible

Bible comes preloaded with NET translation and many additional free free and premium translations can be downloaded later (ASV, ESV, KJV, NASB, WEB and more).

3. Bible7

Bible7 comes with 7 language translations; English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese with 2 most popular translations for each of English, French, German, and Italian.

4. Bible App

Bible App
Bible App make it easy to read and share God’s word with access to 400+ free translations and over 200 reading plans. You can bookmark Bible and having reading Bible reading plans.

5. Bible On The Go

Bible On The Go
Bible On The Go has KJV version that can be read offline without internet connection. You can open open a scripture with a capability to organise books alphabetically and quick select option to select books that start with a certain letter.

6. Bible Pronto

Bible Pronto
Bible Pronto can be used to read two bible versions at the same time with the intuitive parallel reading mode. You can download multiple bible versions and reading plans for offline reading.

7. The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible
The Holy Bible comes preloaded with 9 avaliable versions (KJV, WEB, ASV, and more) with share function.

8. PocketBible Bible Study

PocketBible Bible Study
Pocket Bible help you to read and the Bible! It comes with the KJV (King James Version) version but you will get 40 additional free titles including Bibles (ASV, BBE, DNT, GEN, SBL Greek New Testament and more) after registered.

All Bible Reader images credit to windowsphone.com


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