8 Sites to Find Subtitles

Sometimes subtitles is useful when you’re watching movies, for example foreign movie which you don’t understand the language or you want to watch in silent without disturbing your neighborhood. If your movies don’t have subtitles then you need finding subtitles by yourself and add to the movies. There are many resources on internet to find subtitles in many languages and can be downloaded by free.

To display subtitle on your movie is simple, just rename the subtitle like you video filename. For example:

Video’s filename: Frozen – 2013.avi
Subtitle’s filename: Frozen – 2013.srt

When you open the video on your device (PC, TV, tablet, or smartphone) then it will automatically load the subtitle.

Subtitle for The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey

Below 8 sites that offers subtitle for your favorites movies. You can download or upload if you have your own subtitle for some movies.

Must Checked Subtitles Resources

These subtitles resources has big . If you just want to search and find quickly then you should check these site or bookmark them for future.

1. Open Subtitles
Open Subtitles is one of subtitles resources on the net. It offers download and upload subtitles in many language format which are grouped by movie and TV series. You can choose up to all languages when search subtitles. The count of download is useful to inform you how many download for the subtitle. The simple logic is higher downloaded means the subtitle is good although is not guarantee. The comment will also help you to know subtitles quality.

2. Podnapisi.net
Podnapisi.net has live suggestion when you search for movies or TV movies. It’s like google did on the search engine. You can filter searching by all or specific languages. There is also download count and rating information which will help you before choose the right subtitles.

3. Subscene
Subscene offers subtitles in many language (you can choose up three preferred languages on search). All substitles are group by movie or show seasons. There are comment that will help you to know the quality of the subtitles.

Alternate Subtitles Resources

If you want to be different or search in not major subtitles resources then you should think about these sites. These sites haven’t big database compare with three sites above but it still worthy to be checked

4. Allsubs
Allsubs will display search result on all languages subtitles. You can filter the subtitles for specific langugage(s).

5. Addic7ed
Addic7ed offers subtitles for TV Show and movies in various languages. For fast search, you can use keyword for movies subtitles or jump to the list of TV show.

6. Divx Subtitles
Divx Subtitles offers subtitles for DVD, HDTV and DivX in multiple languages. When using search function you can filter subtitle by language, subtitle format, quality, and of course keyword.

7. Movie Subtitles
Movie Subtitles offers subtitles for DivX/Xvid movies in multiple languages. You can filter languages when search subtitles. All subtitles (in all available languages) will display after you search for certain movies.

8. Subtitles HR
Subtitles display on alphabet and can be search for all or specific language. The search result display all subtitles list or filter languages without grouping the subtitles.

If you know another great resources on the net to find movies subtitles then please share using comment below.

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