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10 Java Mobile (J2ME) Apps You Should Try

Feature Phone is a phone that does not have an operating system as well as smartphones but its equip with Java mobile technology or J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition). This technology allow you to add application or games that built with Java mobile language program. Although smartphone now more popular then feature phone but

10 Sites to Download J2ME App or Games for Feature Mobile Phone

Today smartphone which has operating system like Android, Blackberry, iOS, or Windows Phone has more popular then feature phone which only support J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition). And many apps or games publisher only release their product for smartphone and forgetting about feature phone which has many people in this world are still using

5 Popular Web Browser in 2015

Web Browser is the main apps when you are on the net, it use to open website, check email, read rss and even chat with your friends or family. There are some good web browser for any operating system on PC / laptop, tablet or smartphone which using Android or Windows Phone as the operating

Instant Messenger for Feature Phone

Today some smartphone (Android, Iphone, or Windows Phone) built in with Instant Messenger application to communicate each other with text or even voice. There are many third party instant messenger for each operating system with their own unique feature. But how about instant messenger on feature phone that only support Java MIDP? Although many people

5 Sites to Download YouTube Video on Mobile Phone

YouTube is one of popular video hosting that only allow you to watch videos online. There is no download option on YouTube so you can’t download the video and watch the video offline. There is some sites or application that will help you to download video on YouTube or any other video hosting. But how

5 Free Bible Application for Java Phones

Bible or Holy Bible is the holy text of the Christian religion, containing two main books, the Old Testament and New Testament. If you have cellular phone that supports Java MIDP technology, you can add Bible on it. It very helpful although it will not change bible book positions or make people don’t use bible

Top 4 Free Browser for Java Mobile as Alternative to Opera Mini

Opera Mini has become the most frequently used browser on mobile phone especially on mobile phone that doesn’t has operating system but only support Java MIDP technology. Opera Mini become popular because this browser offers the speed of browsing as well as to save costs for browsing. This is possible because opera mini will compress