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5 Free Streaming Music Player for Windows 10 Mobile as Alternative to Groove Music

Groove is default music player for Windows 10 for PC and mobile. It replace Xbox music player which built in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. This music player also allows you to stream music or buy music from Microsoft Store with Groove Music Pass. Unfortunately Microsoft has announced plans to discontinue Groove Music

7 Lock Apps to Protect Lock Button on Windows 10 Mobile

Almost every touch screen mobile phones come with physical power button which also use as lock key with single click. This also on Windows Windows 10 Mobile phone device. You can lock your phone screen just by pressing the power button at once. But using this method continuously can damage the button. There is another

Cốc Cốc Browser Supports Video Downloader for Mobile

Some favourite browsers for PC allow you to add add-ons / extension to download video / audio from Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube or any popular media hosting. It will make you are easier to download your favourite video or audio without install any other download manager software. But almost of them (browser) only work on PC

Video Compressor: Compress Video on Windows 10 Mobile and Share it

Windows Phone devices usually record videos at high resolutions (480p, 720p or 1080p) and do not allowed user to change resolution to lower size. This make the video size is bigger and when you share them through apps like WhatsApp, only the few seconds are sent. To resolve that problem then you need to convert

How to Get Paid Apps or Games for Free on Windows Phone

Windows Phone has many good apps or games that (unfortunately) you can get by paid some buck. But there is a way to get that apps or games by free (if you are lucky). This post will tell you how to get paid apps or games by free with legal method. This is not illegal

5 YouTube Apps for Windows Phone as Alternate to MetroTube

MetroTube probably become famous YouTube apps for Windows Phone that has many good feature like pre-loading the video and viewing it later, manage YouTube account, view uploads video, playlist, subscriptions, favorites and much more. This is not free apps, you need to spend some bucks to get the apps on your Windows Phone. If you

5 Popular Web Browser in 2015

Web Browser is the main apps when you are on the net, it use to open website, check email, read rss and even chat with your friends or family. There are some good web browser for any operating system on PC / laptop, tablet or smartphone which using Android or Windows Phone as the operating

7 Apps to read PDF document on Windows Phone

Reading PDF on your mobile phone sometimes become practice because you can read anywhere and anytime you want. To solve about screen wider you can rotate you orientation screen into landscape If you want to read PDF document file in your Windows Phone smartphone then here are some good applications that can be used to

7 Good Free Weather Apps for Windows Phone

From your Windows Phone you will know the weather today and the forecast for the next few days using weather application. There are some good weather or forecast apps on the Windows Phone Store which you can try on you Windows Phone (especially Windows Phone 8 or above). The criteria of good weather apps are

8 Application to Turn Your Windows Phone to Bible Reader

The Bible can be read by mobile devices with reading document that contain Bible in doc, pdf, txt, or other document formats using document reader like Office or PDF Reader. Another way is by using a bible reader application that is now available for Windows Phone operating system.