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Online Scientific and Engineering Resource

If you are find any tool or resource that offer scientific and engineering tools that can be access from every PC or smartphone then you can use RapidTables. This is website that offers various tools or resources especially about scientific and engineering like calculator, web tools, convention, etc

Download Videos on Youtube Playlist or Channel Easily

Sometimes user want to download all videos on a YouTube playlist at once rather than download one by one. It more efficient but is there any service expecially on in web that offers that? You don’t need to worry, you can download all video by using Youtube Multi Downloader Online Youtube Multi Downloader Online is

15 website to Download and Convert YouTube Video into Mp3

Some people like to watch music video from YouTube, download and also convert into MP3 file which they can listen offline on a computer or mobile device. Of course you need YouTube download and converter to do this. These days, there are many good apps for PC or smartphone to download and convert YouTube video

5 Free Unlimited Online Storage to Save Your Photos

Saving your photos on online storage become popular choice to save / backup and also share your photos to your friends. Using this method you can access your photo from any PC or mobile device. You can take a picture from your mobile then save on photo online storage and view from your PC. You

GenYouTube: Download YouTube Video from Mobile or PC in Music or Video Format

Although YouTube still doesn’t offers feature to download its video into various format but there many website offer that service to user. One of them is GenYouTube which allow you to download YouTube video into music or video format.

Using Facebook Messenger in Firefox Sidebar

Facebook Messenger is getting famous messenger among a lot of messenger for mobile phone and PC. This messenger is build to communicate between facebook user using PC and also mobile phone. But unlike WhatsApp that is need WhatsApp active on mobile when access from PC, Facebook Messenger can be used on PC without installed and

How to Use WhatsApp from your Windows Computer

WhatsApp has become top and popular instant messenger application to communicate with your friend or family and use mobile phone number as your ID. Actually it only support on mobile phone (Android, Blackberry, Iphone, Symbian, Windows) but it also can be used on Macintosh or Windows computer or from website.

Where Can I download Freeware for Symbian Mobile Phone?

Symbian is famous mobile phone operating system for some years ago which use on Nokia mobile phone and another mobile phone company like Motorola and Sony Ericsson. There are many good application or games for Symbian user that can be downloaded by free. Unfortunately this operating system (including Nokia) has been discontinued after Apple launch

Nimbus Screen Capture: Take a Screenshot or Screencast and Give a Note

Windows 10 offer fast way to capture a screen by press [Windows] + [Prt Sc] and will automatic save your screenshot into your PC or only press [Prt Sc] and paste into your favorite drawing application like Paint. But it only capture what you see on your screen. How if you want capture a whole

7 Online Translator Service as Alternative to Google Translate

Google Translate has become popular Google products beside Gmail and Google Search. Many users use this online service to translate words, articles, and website from foreign language into their native language or language that they understand. Except Google Translate, there are some online service that also provide free online translation like Google Translate. If you