F.lux: Make Your Monitor Warm at Night

F.lux is a free aplication of software that makes the color of your display adapt to the time of day; warm at night and like sunlight during a day. It can be used on Mac, Linux, and of course Windows computer. This software can help you sleep well if you work with your PC at night.

Computer screens produce blue light that we can see them even on sunny days. But at night, this brightness mixed signals to the brain about what time is bedtime. The brain stops producing melatonin, a hormone that gives your body the “time to sleep” cues, and throws your circadian rhythm out of whack. Over time, not getting enough sleep can lead to a buildup of neurotoxins that make it even more challenging to doze off.


According this fact then it’s not recommended to use PC at night. But how if we must work until late at night? Don’t worry. You can use F.lux app, which automatically adjusts your screen’s color-temperature depending on the time of day and your location. Everything’s normal during the day, but f.lux users warmer colors after sunset to match your indoor lighting.

F.lux Location

To get started, you just need to told the app about your location and typical wake-up time. Then the software figured out an approximate bedtime. You can also adjust the desired light temperatures and choose a slow transition speed, so the colors on your screen will gradually change over 60 minutes instead of 20 seconds.

If you are graphic designer that is need sensitive color then you can also disable F.lux for a while easyly. There is option that allows you to quickly disable it for an hour or for an entire night. There’s also a “Movie Mode” option that lasts two and a half hours after you enable it. As the official FAQ says it: “We designed Movie Mode to preserve sky colors and shadow detail, while still providing a warmer color tone. It’s not perfect on either count, but it strikes a balance.”

F.lux Setting

My experience using this app is that F.lux makes me comfort to use PC at night. I don’t have any problem with my eyes and sleep after using this even I used for a long hours.

If you are usually work at night then you need to install this app on your PC to make your screen warm at night and you don’t have any problem with sleep.

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