Free Email with Unlimited Storage as Alternative to Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook

Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook (Hotmail) are the big three web based email service on the internet with big mailbox too. Gmail from Google is the first web based email which offer 1GB and now up to 15 GB and still counting. Yahoo Mail, the old player now offer 1 TB storage. And Outlook (previously is Hotmail) from Microsoft offers storage as users need as long they don’t send emails that contain suspicious contents that might trigger spam filter. Except those email there are some alternative free web based email which offers huge or big storage, so users do not need to remove their email. If you want to be different with many people about having email address then those alternative email is suitable for you.

Big Email Storage

Below 5 free web based email with unlimited storage as alternative to Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

1. AOL Mail
AOL Mail offers unlimited inbox storage with 10 MB attachment allowed, image blocking, download restrictions, your choice of HTML or plain text composer, IMAP access and plenty of extras, including your choice of personalized domain names

2. GMX
GMX gives unlimited e-mail storage and attachments up to 50 MB. Send 30 high-res photos or your favorite MP3 album in just one e-mail or share them with GMX free File Storage exchange. GMX also offer SSL encryption system, anti virus and anti spam system.

3. is unique free email services which offers more then 200 domain address that you can choose as your email address. also offers unlimited email storage, anti spam and anti virus protection, and can be accessed from any computer or phone.

4. Mail2World
Mail2World offers more then 2000 domain name that you can use as you domain email address, unlimited email storage, large email attachments, advanced filters, and also anti spam and anti virus protections. You can also change skin and themes for your account and receive email alerts from SMS.

5. Rediff Mail offers unlimited inbox storage and 20 MB attachments size. It’s enough to send your small video to your friends. Rediffmail also comes with a powerful Spam Shield that helps keep your inbox clean.

If you know another free web based email with unlimited storage then please share with us

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