Free Photo Manager with Simple Editing Tools as Alternative to Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a a basic picture editing and picture management program included with the Microsoft Office suite versions 2003 through 2010. Unfortunately Microsoft Office Picture Manager is no longer included with Office 2013. According to this tutorial you can still install Microsoft Office Picture Manager 2010 in Microsoft Office 2013. But if you prefer to install another program then you can try some picture manager or picture organizer program that built-in with simple simple editing or more advance editing tool then Microsoft Office Picture Manager has.

Picture Manager or Picture Organizer is software to manage/organize your photo like tagging, rating, move into another folder, give comments, rename, edit, etc.

Below 5 free picture or photo manager with simple editing tools as alternative to Microsoft Office Picture Manager

1. IrfanView


IrfanView is fast and lightweight picture viewer and organizer program with batch or single editing process. This program support keyboard key for fast access to the menu. It supports a lot of filters and plugins that can do wonders for your pictures. This program can be used to capture your desktop (screenshot) and create panorama new blank image. Besides images, IrfanView also can be used to open txt, djvu, or multimedia format files.

Rotate, resize, crop, flip pictute
Convert to Greyscale, Enhance Color, Negative, Auto Adjust Color, Swap Color
Sharpen pictute
Red Eye Reduction
Give picture effect
Support Plugins
Batch process

2. PhotoScape


Photoscape is not only photo viewer but also fun tool to edit your photo easily. PhotoScape can be used to combined images, screen capture, split image, create gif and of course edit your photo. Unlike another Picture Viewer (when you open) PhotoScape will show you the features which you can choose. There are some tabs above which is quick way to access the feature. You just need click the tab if you want jump to another menu like Edit, Combine Images, or Batch Editor.

Batch process
Rotate, resize, crop, flip photo
Red Eye Reduction, Auto Contras, Auto Color
Add text, photo, or object to your photo
Make round, give margin, and frame
Split or combine photo
Create animated gif

3. Picasa


Picasa is free software from Google to organize, view, and edit your photo. It can be used to sync photo on your PC to Picasa Website using Google Account. If you want to create movie from your photos then you can do it with Picasa. You can add photos, audio as background, add caption, choose transition style or create dimension for the movie you created.

Sync with Picasaweb using Google Account
Batch process
Red Eye Reduction, Auto Contras, Auto Color
Add text to your photo
Give photo effect
Create screensaver
Create movie

4 XnView


XNView is a utility to view and edit graphics files with support for more than 400 types of graphics files. XNView MP (The enhanced version of XnView) supports tabs on view pictures, use Adobe Photoshop plugins, capture images, and count how many color on the picture. This software also support send images using email, ftp or to website. You can also use this program to rename or convert on multiple images.

Batch process
Rotate, resize, crop, flip photo
Enhance color, Swap color, Change color depth
Count color used
Support Adobe Photoshop plugins

5. Zoner Photo Studio (Free Version)

Zoner Photo Studio (Free Version)

Zoner Photo Studio is photo viewer, manager and editor with good features that you can get by free. It’s support tabs as many browsers support now. It’s better if you work in more the one picture. Zoner Photo Studio also offers cloud hosting to save your photo. You can organize photos on you PC and sync with your Zonerama account with unlimited space. This program also allow you to import from any USB device to your Zoner Photo folder on your PC.

Basic photo management include sorting, tagging, and and easily finding photos
Batch process
Backup photo while save your edited photo
Sync with Zoner Account
Rotate, resize, crop, flip photo
Quick Fix, Enhance Color, Sharpen, Blur your photo
Add text and symbol to your photo
Red Eye Reduction, clone stamp, iron, paint brush
Give photo effect

FYI, I will post about another Picture Viewer or Picture Editing tools on another posting. This post is only for Picture Manager with Editing Tools. If you know another great software about this then let me know.

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