Get Right Direction with Here Maps for Android

Here Maps has known as good navigation apps for Windows Phone users, especially who have Lumia. It comes with Lumia and can be used as offline navigation with download the maps into your smartphone. After Microsoft bought Nokia Phone division then Here Maps is opened for another cellular operating system like Android and iOS.

You can use Here Maps to search for place and addresses and also navigate there with turn by turn guidance. You can choose the voice according to your language. The navigation can be setup by foot or car with many option on the navigation like choose shorter or faster route.

Here Maps also offer real time traffic information for more than 40 countries in the world. Of course it only consist for big cities with internet connection. You can also find favorite places like malls, airport, bank, restaurant, public transit, etc. You can also saving your favorites place on so you can used it again when anytime even you change your smartphone.

Here Maps requires Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher, with 1GB of RAM. It supports display between 4 and 6.9 inches in size. If you are trying to get offline navigation then you can give Here Maps a try. It’s also free and can be used as offline navigation.

Download Here Maps from Google Play Store

Here the video about Here Maps for Android that is taken from heremaps YouTube account

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