How to Get Paid Apps or Games for Free on Windows Phone

Windows Phone has many good apps or games that (unfortunately) you can get by paid some buck. But there is a way to get that apps or games by free (if you are lucky). This post will tell you how to get paid apps or games by free with legal method. This is not illegal or black way like you can do with some Android apps or Android Games.

Basically some publisher sometimes give their product by free for limited time. When you download in free then you will get free all the times. But you must know when the publisher give 100% discount to their product. There for you need apps that will tell you when some apps or games are available in free or charge.

Below 5 Deal Apps that will inform you when paid apps or games going to free on Windows Phone.

The list is in alphabet order.

1. AppDeals

AppDealsAppDeals will inform you when paid apps or games going to be free or have discount for limited time. The interface is not simpe but easy to be understood. You can also register to receive daily deal by email alerts & newsletters from AppDeals

2. App Rock

App RockApp Rock support push notification to tell new about new discount or free apps or games for limited time. All deals display on nice design and with just one click then you will bring to store to download the apps or games you choice.

3. App Store – TapPlex

App Store - TapPlexApp Store – TapPlex offers new nad update apps and games that give discount or publish in free for limited times. There are 3 tab on the program which are Recommended (consist new and update recommended apps or games), New Deals, and Featured Collection which consist top games, top apps, must install, new rising, etc. Unfortunately sometimes some apps or games have become paid but on App Store – TapPlex is still sign as free.

4. myAppFree

myAppFreemyAppFree is popular deal apps on Windows Phone that will show you best, discount, and free deal apps or games everyday. This app will show you a page highlighting the App of Today and Feature apps or games. myAppFree can be pinned to your Start Screen to keep track of the deals that are update daily. myAppFree also support for push notifications to alert you of new deals. You will get point each time you share or download App of the day.

5. Store Deals

Store DealsStore Deals is simple app to tell you if some paid apps get discount or available in free. Store Deals categories the deals into Popular, Apps Gone Free, Top Rated, Xbox Live, and All Deals. You can set to hide expired deals from homepage. The deals will show in list that contain discount price, rating, title and publisher. Click the title or image of the deal and you will go to Store apps to download the app or game.

If you have any experience with the apps above or knowing about another deals apps then please share using comment below.

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