How to Run Opera Mini or J2ME Apps or Games on PC

Opera Mini has known fast browser for mobile, from featured mobile phone which only run J2ME or smartphone using newest technology. If this is a browser for mobile not browser for PC then why user want install into their PC? There are three main reason about this. First you have slow and limited internet connection. Second you want to test your site how it will look on mobile, especially when it is accessed using Opera Mini. And finally the third reason is because you want it. You just want to run Opera Mini on your PC, without any other reason.

If you want to run Opera Mini or another J2ME apps or games on PC then you need Java, MicroEmulator, and of course J2ME file.


Below simple ways to run Opera Mini or J2ME Apps or Games on your PC

Install Java
You need to install Java for PC before running J2ME apps or games on your PC. If you are using Windows or Mac then go to Java download page then click “Free Java Download” button. On the next screen, you may get a warning that Java might not run inside your browser: this is not important as we will run Java on the system level. Just proceed with the download, and once this is finished, open the Java installer and follow the steps to complete the installation.

If you’re running Ubuntu, you can install the OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime from the Ubuntu Apps Directory.

Download and Run MicroEmulator
Download MicroEmulator last version ( Unzip or extract into your local drive then find microemulator.jar and run it.

If you are using Mac then right click on microemulator.jar and choose Open from the context menu. Next, you will get a warning that this application is from an unidentified developer. Click Open button to launch the application.

For Ubuntu user, right click microemulator.jar and select Properties, Permissions and tick Allow executing file as program. Close the Permissions dialog and double-click microemulator.jar to run it.

You can resize MicroEmulator window from Options > Select device > Select Resizable device and choose Set as default.

Running Opera Mini, J2ME Apps or J2ME Games
Make sure that you have Opera Mini .jar or J2ME apps or J2ME games on your PC. You can download J2ME apps or J2ME games if you don’t have it.

After that then open MicroEmulator and go to File > Open MIDlet File and choose which J2ME jar file you want to open. Then click Start and Opera Mini or J2ME apps or J2ME games will install like these software install on your mobile phone.

Now you can begin to surf using Opera Mini, or using J2ME apps, even playing J2ME games on your PC.

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