How to Use WhatsApp from your Windows Computer

WhatsApp has become top and popular instant messenger application to communicate with your friend or family and use mobile phone number as your ID. Actually it only support on mobile phone (Android, Blackberry, Iphone, Symbian, Windows) but it also can be used on Macintosh or Windows computer or from website.

How to use WhatsApp on your Windows Computer

Before read to do this, please keep in your mind that you still need WhatsApp account and WhatsApp must be installed on your phone and also has active internet connection. Otherwise this method won’t to run well

1. Access from Web.WhatsApp


You can access WhatsApp from web browser like Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome. Just point your web address to You will see the code which you need to scan using WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

Find and open menu WhatsApp web from your WhatsApp apps that is installed on your mobile phone and scan the code on the web using it. If success then your web will show whatsapp menu like on your mobile phone.

WhatsApp Web version has almost same function like on mobile phone apps. It support send picture from album, take from camera, send video, send document, contact, etc.

If you have internet connection problem on your mobile phone then WhatsApp on your browser will disconnect too. You can still send message but it will send after it can connect with your mobile phone again.

2. Access from WhatsApp PC Software


Basically WhatsApp for PC (Windows or Mac) is like web version. You need to scan QR code using WhatsApp on your mobile phone at first time you open this program. You also need good and active internet connection on your mobile phone. When your internet connection on mobile phone has a problem then the program will disconnect.

All function and feature is like on the web version. It also support for notification so you never miss any message.

Using WhatsApp on computer maybe is not simple as on mobile but it’s really helpful when you need to type much with WhatsApp, working with your client using WhatsApp or you leave your mobile phone on another place.

If you have any experience using WhatsApp on PC then let us know.

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