Instant Messenger for Feature Phone

Today some smartphone (Android, Iphone, or Windows Phone) built in with Instant Messenger application to communicate each other with text or even voice. There are many third party instant messenger for each operating system with their own unique feature. But how about instant messenger on feature phone that only support Java MIDP? Although many people now are using smartphone then feature phone but many people are still enjoying using feature phone.

Instant Messenger for Feature (Java) Phone

Feature Phone is phone that doesn’t has operating system, almost of them only support with Java MIDP technology. This Java makes feature phone can run games or application like instant messenger. There are not many application like this but if you really want then here 5 instant messenger application for feature phone.

Please note your feature phone should support Java MIDP technology (it’s better if support Java MIDP 2)

1. GoTalkMobile

GoTalkMobile GTalk and Jabber instant messenger client for feature phone.

2. mig33

mig33 is popular mobile instant messenger which is used by many users with various device operating system. Using mig33 ID you can start to chat in private, group chat or in chatrooms. You can also share, follow and be followed in miniBlog, call, play games, sms, or share photos with another mig33 users.

3. Nimbuzz

You need Nimbuzz account before using Nimbuz service. Except provide chatting, Nimbuzz also provides call and sms sevices commonly known as mobile VoIP. Calling can be made from Nimbuzzz to Nimbuzz only which includes PC. Nimbuzz has limited call feature. It also allow you to send files containing video,mp3, pdf,etc.

4. Pinch

Pinch is unique instant messenger application that will send message and your friend doesn’t neet to install Pinch. Your friend will receive message in Pinch application or SMS if he/she doesn’t has Pinch.

5. shMessenger

shMessener support chat from popular instant messenger like Yahoo!, MSN, GTalk, Facebook, and many more.

If you know another instant messenger for feature please share with us.

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