LightBulb: An Alternate of F.lux

If you find tools or program to make your PC monitor color warm then you will find F.lux. But if you want to find or try another similiar tool then you should try LightBulb; an open source program for PC with options to reduce blue light automatically as the day passes by.

Actually some big PC Operating System like Apple and Microsoft started to add the functionality to the latest versions of their operating systems as well. Microsoft calls the feature Night Light Mode for instance, and it allows users of the Windows 10 Creators Update or newer to adjust screen gamma automatically using it. But if you are using old Operating System version (for example Windows 7) then you need third party program to adjust screen gamma on your monitor. One of them is LightBulb.

Lightbulb is compatible with of Microsoft Windows from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The program requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0, but can be downloaded as a portable version that does not need to be installed, or a regular setup version. Both offer an identical feature set.

LightBulb LightBulb

When you run (portable version) or install the program then it will places an icon in the system tray, but may not do anything at all afterwards. The program is configured to change the screen gamma at night, and if you happen to launch it late in the day, you may notice that it adjusts the gamma right away. It is recommended to open the configuration of Lightbulb on start to adjust the program’s functionality according to your needs.

You can set the day time and night time color temperature in Kelvin on the first screen, the transition period, and may run a preview of the settings right away. The temperature is adjusted on 100K steps, and changes to the currently active setting is reflected directly on the screen. The transition period describes the periods in which Lightbulb switches from Day to Night, and from Night to Day mode.

You can read full documentation about how to configure this program by clicking here

Visit and Download LightBulb from GitHub or Alexey Golub website.

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