Nimbus Screen Capture: Take a Screenshot or Screencast and Give a Note

Windows 10 offer fast way to capture a screen by press [Windows] + [Prt Sc] and will automatic save your screenshot into your PC or only press [Prt Sc] and paste into your favorite drawing application like Paint. But it only capture what you see on your screen. How if you want capture a whole of site, create some note and share with your friend in easy way? One tool you can use is Nimbus Screen Capture

Nimbus Screen Capture or Nimbus Screenshot is an app to capture PC screen or the whole browser window or a selected section of it. Not only screen capture but you can also resize, crop, and even draw on give a note on your screen shot using this apps. There a various tools to draw your screen capture such as text, pencil, arrows, circles etc. Except that you can also blur areas of screenshots that you want hidden.

Nimbus Screen Capture

You can do several things with your capture image such as Save to Nimbuss cloud, save to Google Drive, Copy to Clipboard, Print, and of course Save the image into your local hard drive.

Nimbus Screen Capture

Nimbus Screen Capture can be used as plugin on Firefox, extension on Google Chrome, application on Android and of course on Windows too which support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

In Windows version, Nimbus Screen Capture also can be used as Screen cast which record your screen as video. This function is useful if you want to make tutorial or something else in your PC, record it and share with your friend. You don’t need any additional software. Just do it with Nimbus Screen Capture.

Conclusion: If you want take a screen shot and manage the image (resize, crop, or draw on it) with one tool then you can give Nimbus Screen Capture a try. It is easy to be used and also has option to save your work on Nimbuss cloud or Google Drive.

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