Online Scientific and Engineering Resource

If you are find any tool or resource that offer scientific and engineering tools that can be access from every PC or smartphone then you can use RapidTables. This is website that offers various tools or resources especially about scientific and engineering like calculator, web tools, convention, etc


All tools is categoriez into

  • Electricity & Electronics
  • Mathematics
  • Calculators
  • Conversion
  • Web design
  • Code
  • Tools

Each category has some tools that you can use like Math Calculator, Length Convertion, Temperature Conversion, Electrical & Electronic Symbols, Math Symbols, Web HTML, Web Color, Online Notepad and another useful tools.


For example if you use Weight Converter, you just need to input on kg, click convert and you will see the conversion in Metric tons, Grams, Stones, Pounds, Ounces. You don’t need convert one by one. It’s really help when you work in fast.

There are much useful tools that you can use in this website or just for fun. The pros is you can access this tools from PC, tablet or smartphones but the cons is you need to connect internet to use this service.

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