Top 4 Free Browser for Java Mobile as Alternative to Opera Mini

Opera Mini has become the most frequently used browser on mobile phone especially on mobile phone that doesn’t has operating system but only support Java MIDP technology. Opera Mini become popular because this browser offers the speed of browsing as well as to save costs for browsing. This is possible because opera mini will compress the sites you visit to further display the site on your phone. The newest generation, Opera Mini 5 comes with multitab, thumbnail for speed dial, and more attractive interface.

Beside Opera Mini, there are some good mobile browser too. Each mobile browser offers unique and good feature compare with Opera Mini. If you are boring or you don’t like Opera Mini the you can try one of these mobile browser below.

Below 4 free mobile browser that you can use as alternative to Opera Mini

Ibibo iBrowser

1. Ibibo iBrowser

Ibibo iBrowser is a mobile browser from India that built in with thousands of popular Indian websites. It has advanced compression technology can reduce data costs by up to 85%, built in with popular search engine, download manager with multithreaded downloads, also bookmark and history function. Ibibo iBrowser has unique feature that is Unique Night Surfing Mode. This kind of feature will protects your eyes in the dark.

Quick access from mobile:
Another Link: Download

QQ Browser

2. QQ Browser

QQ Browser is a simple mobile web browser but has good features. It supports tabbed browsing and has download manager. QQ Browser also has speed dial to keep your sites and visit them just by clicking the icon or thumbnail.

Quick access from mobile: select Quick Download and enter 76032
Another Link: Download

UCWeb Browser

3. UCWeb Browser

UCWeb Browser supports multitab, auto complete address, download manager, view mode, save and share. Like Opera Mini, UCWeb will also compress the sites you visit so you can save the cost of the internet. UCWeb Browser also supports speed dial with thumbnail on start up. You can set this feature with the most website that you’ve visited. Unique Free-link technology makes wireless network much more stable.

Quick access from mobile:


4. TeaShark

TeaShark renders web pages the same way as desktop browsers. TeaShark has cleaner interface and startup page, full screen browser, select text and find text function like on desktop browser. This mobile browser also support smart URL suggestions like Opera Mini. You can save site you’ve visited on bookmark, the bookmark available with color tags.

Quick access from mobile:
Another Link: Download


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