Top 7 Free Hosting to Upload Image without Register

There are many web services that offer hosting for your images. Almost all them are free to be used. This kind of service is called Free Image Hosting. Free Image Hosting is very useful if you want to have a lot of images that you want to show to other people on internet. You can upload your images on free image hosting service and you don’t need to be worry about the bandwidth.

Some of them ask you to register before upload your image to their server. By registering you can also manage your image, make album, tag, caption, etc. But how if you are in a hurry? Or how if you just want to upload the image without register. Fortunately there are some free image hosting website that can be used without register. You just choose your image, insert some data, upload, and you will get your image url. It’s simple and easy.

Below top 7 free image hosting to upload your image without register as member.

1. Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting will host your images directly without registed. The maximum file size is about 3000 Kb and filename extensions allowed are gif, jpg, bmp, png. All you need is just choose your image from local machine and upload. If success you will get code that contain your image link for your blog, forum or direct link. If you want to manage your images, create photo galleries, or share pics with your family the you need to register. This service is free.

2. Immgg


Immgg is free image hosting that provides unlimited bandwidth and storage space. You can also upload multiple images, crop, scale, or fill them with black or white background. You don’t need to register to use this service. If you register then you will get another benefit like track or edit your images.

3. Image Titan

Image Titan

Image Titan will host your image in gif, jpg, jpeg, and png formats with the maximum file size is 1536 KB. Besides upload one or multiple images, you can also upload 100 images at once to Image Titan server using FTP software. It just free image hosting only without any registration or edit feature.

4. Image Venue

Image Venue

Image Venue is free image hosting especially for bloggers, message board users, and eBay sellers. You can upload multiple image, set thumbnail size, or resize your images. Image Venue allowed jpeg, jpg with maximum file sizes 3 MB. After upload, you will get link for forum, blog, or direct image link.

5. Imgur


Imgur allows you to upload one ora many images from from url, local computer or by drag and drop from local computer. Besides get link code of your image, you can also share your uploaded images directly to some popular social media like twitter, facebook, reddit, tumblr, and share with your email. The default upload process is in flash and if your browser doesn’t support this method, you can use html version.

6. Post Image

Post Image

Postimage has simple upload interface and support for single or multiple upload images. You can upload from your local computer or website url and resize the image before upload it. Postimage will give you link, direct link, or thumbnail link of your image for website/blog and forum. Just click Copy to Clipboard to get the image link code and you are ready to use.

7. Turbo Image Host

Turbo Image Host

Turbo Image Host offers some methods to upload your images. You can upload one by one, multiple upload, or upload zip file that contain your images, or upload from specific url address. You can set your images as private or public and re-size the thumbnail size. You will get code of your image(s) for your blog, website, and forum. All code will show image on click-able thumbnail


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