Video Compressor: Compress Video on Windows 10 Mobile and Share it

Windows Phone devices usually record videos at high resolutions (480p, 720p or 1080p) and do not allowed user to change resolution to lower size. This make the video size is bigger and when you share them through apps like WhatsApp, only the few seconds are sent. To resolve that problem then you need to convert the video into small size. Fortunately there is good apps with simple interface to handle this job: Video Compressor

Video Compressor

Like the name, Video Compressor will compress your video into smile size or change resolution like you want. The interface is simple and easy to be understood. You just need to choose the video that you want to compress, choose resolution, quality and click Start to begin to compress your video. It take several minute to finish the job according to your setting and original video file size. If you video is big and you choose high on resolution and quality then it need more times but if you just choose lower resolution and quality with small original video then it just need 1 – 2 minutes work.

Video Compressor

After finish the compression then on the screen you will get information about resolution and file size for original and encoded file. Using this info you can decide if you can to share the encoded video using whatsapp or not. If the result is still to big then you can compress again.

All your work will save on Video Compressor folder that is located on [default picture storage] > Picture. You can access it using you File Manager application

On quality option there is option as Whatsapp Optimized but unfortunately it only available for paid user. But you can optimized by yourself with you own resolution and quality setting to get best resolution.

Conclusion: Video Compressor is simple app to compress you video on Windows 10 Mobile without worrying about resolution, sound, bitrate, and any setting that is related with video. Just choose video, choose resolution, quality, begin to start and share.

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